At PAIGE we work alongside the best in machine learning and pathology to help bring the world of pathology into the future.

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At PAIGE we are building an artificial intelligence that will revolutionize the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are backed by $25 million series A financing and an exclusive data licensing agreement with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC).

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Data an at entirely new scale

We have exclusive access to MSKCC's library of 25 million pathology slides, which represents one of the world's largest tumor pathology archives, from the world's leading cancer treatment center. MSKCC began digitizing pathology slides five years ago; PAIGE will digitize millions of additional archived slides in the next few years. All of the licensed digital slides are accompanied by pathologic and clinical annotation, as well as anonymized genomic sequencing results.

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An exceptional team

PAIGE's machine learning team comprises PhDs with expertise in deep learning, software engineers and high-performance computation experts. Our Scientific Advisory Board and Pathology Advisory Board comprises world-leading university professors in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Pathology. The company is led by the founding father of computational pathology, Thomas Fuchs.

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AI-ready infrastructure

We are the first to have AIRI, the most advanced architecture ever built for scale-out AI. Specifically designed for deep learning by NVIDIA and Pure, AIRI has a GPU performance of more than 10 petaFLOPS, allowing us to train models at an unprecedented scale.

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NYC location

Our Roosevelt Island office is halfway between Manhattan and Queens, putting us in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities. We're part of the Cornell Tech campus, immersing us in one of the nation's most innovative academic and startup communities.

Open Positions

Senior AI Scientist

Create innovative solutions and lead a team of scientists and research engineers.

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AI Scientist

Work on innovative solutions involving a range of technologies capabilities.

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AI Research Engineer

Embedded with AI researchers to develop QA frameworks and work with a complex clinical data pipeline.

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Senior Frontend Engineer (UI/UX Developer)

Build out the frontend of our pathology slide viewing application, which will be used in both research and clinical settings.

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Senior UX Designer

Collaborate with our Product Management and Software Engineering teams to design and optimize our products.

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Senior Backend Engineer

Build out the backend of our pathology slide viewing application, which will be used in both research and clinical settings.

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DevOps Engineer

Collaborate with our AI and Software teams to automate and to streamline our production operations and processes.

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