We are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Through cutting edge AI, we help pathologists improve the efficacy and efficiency of their work, researchers generate new insights, and clinicians improve patient care.

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Pathology is the cornerstone of cancer diagnosis. The field is on the cusp of a revolution from a qualitative to a quantitative discipline. PAIGE's algorithm is trained with diagnoses from the world's foremost cancer experts and hundreds of thousands of digital slides.​

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is at PAIGE's core. Our experts have a decade of experience in building large scale machine learning systems for computational pathology. Now they are working on developing novel deep learning and ensemble models to create the first ever clinical-grade AI for pathology.​


PAIGE will guide pathologists, clinicians and researchers via our robust clinical decision support system. Clinical experts will gain massive efficiencies and reproducibility of their data.​


We are the first to have AIRI, the most advanced architecture ever built for scale-out AI. AIRI has GPU performance of more than 10 petaFLOPS, allowing us to train our models at an unprecedented scale. Our unique, scanner-neutral slide viewer will provide our end users with easy access to PAIGE.​


Our Mission

Our mission is to build a clinical-grade artificial intelligence that will revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are bringing together the world's leading experts in computational pathology, clinical practice, and artificial intelligence who are committed to fulfilling this mission and improving patient care.​

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Why PAIGE is Unique

These four pillars have laid the foundation for us to lead the revolution in pathology.
Artificial Intelligence

Powered by robust machine learning models, specifically designed for computational pathology

Data at Scale

Driven by AI techniques that have been validated against one of the world’s largest datasets in pathology

Clinical Expertise

Conceived by some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders in pathology


Propelled by funding from visionary investors and serial entrepreneurs

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