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PAIGE.AI Wins the Crain's New York Heritage Research Investigators in Translational Medicine Award

May 2018

Thomas Fuchs of Paige.AI wins the Crain’s New York Heritage Research Investigators in Translational Medicine Award. Our team is humbled and inspired by this recognition!


With Training, Startups Like Paige.AI Could Soon Diagnose Cancer

May 2018

Xconomy discusses the future applications of AI in cancer diagnosis, featuring our founder, Thomas Fuchs.


Artificial Intelligence is Starting to change how many businesses operate.

May 2018

James Petter, EMEA VP, Pure Storage talks about how Flash Storage will power the AI future.


Superstar VC's Bet on American and Chinese Artificial Intelligence

May 2018

Jim Breyer talks to Forbes about the AI landscape and the importance of collaboration between great computer scientists and experts in specific domains, like cancer research.


PAIGE.AI Forms One of the Largest Compute Clusters in Pathology and Healthcare, Enabling Deep Learning at Remarkable New Scale

April 2018

Our high-performance computer cluster is built on the AIRI, a high performance, fully integrated software and hardware solution by Pure Storage and NVIDIA. Specifically designed for deep learning, AIRI has a GPU performance of more than 10 petaFLOPS, allowing us to train models at an unprecedented scale. AIRI is enabling us to quickly translate our massive dataset so that we continue to lead the AI revolution in pathology.


Paige.AI Presents at Global Audience of Machine Learning Experts


At GTC 2018, one of the largest gatherings around AI and machine learning, our founder, Thomas Fuchs, spoke about the importance of harnessing technology to augment human ingenuity, particularly in Pathology.


PAIGE.AI officially launched

Press Release

Paige.AI officially launches today as it aims to revolutionize pathology through AI. It is buoyed by a comprehensive license agreement with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) to gain exclusive rights to MSK’s library of 25 million pathology slides, as well as $25 million from a successful Series A funding round to build the leading offering in digital and computational pathology.


Leadership in AI Panel on Precision Medicine and Talk at GTC-DC

GTC-DC 2017

At this year's NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in Washington DC Thomas gave a talk on "Computational Pathology in Practice: From Cluster to Clinic" presenting PAIGE's progress towards a clinical AI. Andrea DeSouza led a panel discussion on the impact of AI in precision medicine with Nathan Hubbard from Roche, Vern De Biasi from GSK, Joel Saltz from Stony Brook and PAIGE's Thomas Fuchs.


Plenary Talk and Panel at the 24th Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat

24th Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat

Artificial Intelligence and Genomic were center stage at the 24th Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat. PAIGE's CSO Thomas Fuchs gave a plenary talk on Computational Pathology and participated in a panel discussion about how the potential of AI can be realized in prostate cancer research.


Launch of The Warren Alpert Center for Digital and Computational Pathology

The Warren Alpert Center for Digital and Computational Pathology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center was established in 2017 as an innovation center to facilitate novel research and development in digital pathology and computational pathology for clinical cancer care and research. The Department of Pathology has taken critical steps toward implementing a digital pathology workflow, building a high-performance compute (HPC) infrastructure, and making partners in industry to become a national leader in the development, integration, and advancement of digital and computational pathology. PAIGE's CSO Thomas Fuchs serves as center director for Computational Pathology.


A Reality Check for IBM's AI Ambitions.

MIT Technology Review

Our CSO Thomas Fuchs gave an interview about the challenges of AI in medicine in general and in Computational Pathology in particular. Read more...


How AI detectives are cracking open the black box of deep learning.


Science produced a beautiful video explaining the inner workings of deep neural networks and how to open the black box, based on a paper by Jason Yosinski and our CSO Thomas Fuchs. The paper and DeepVis toolbox can be downloaded here.
Opening up the black box: Loosely modeled after the brain, deep neural networks are spurring innovation across science. But the mechanics of the models are mysterious: They are black boxes. Scientists are now developing tools to get inside the mind of the machine. Watch the video...


NVIDIA's AI in Healthcare Summit.

GTC 2017

NVIDIA's GTC (GPU Technology Conference) is the largest and most important event of the year for GPU developers, deep learning and AI. This year's GTC in San Jose also featured an exquisite healthcare track with prominent speakers from academia, industry and start-ups, addressing AI in all areas of medicine: AI in Healthcare Summit at GTC 2017.

Thomas was invited to give a talk on AI in Pathology:

In the Midst of a Revolution: How Computational Pathology is Transforming Clinical Practice and Biomedical Research.

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