Pathology is on the verge of a revolution from a qualitative to a quantitative discipline. The PAIGE AI is trained by the world's foremost cancer experts on hundreds of thousands of digital slides.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is the core of PAIGE. Our team of Machine Learning experts has a decade of experience in building large scale ML systems for Computational Pathology. We develop novel deep learning and ensemble models to create the first clinical-grade AI in pathology.

It is PAIGE's mission to guide pathologists, clinicians and researchers, through a robust clinical decision support system that allows experts to be more efficient and reproducible .

PAIGE is powered by a dedicated high performance compute cluster with hundreds of GPUs. enabling deep learning at unprecedented scale in pathology. Our unique, scanner-neutral slide viewer enables real-time access to PAIGE's capabilities.

Leading the Revolution in Pathology

Our mission is to revolutionize the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer through the use of artificial intelligence. We will accomplish this with our team's exceptional expertise and exclusive and unprecedented access to a massive pathology data treasure.

Medical AI at unprecedented scale

Leading Cancer Centers scan up to 40K pathology slides each month, an enormous treasure of training data for powerful predictive models. PAIGE will digitize millions of additional archived slides in the next few years.

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